NaY Absorbent

Model NaY Absorbent 
Color Light gray
Introduction NaY absorbent uses NaY zeolite as its active component. Compared with the 4A zeolite absorbent, its silica-alumina ratio is higher and the effective aperture is bigger. Otherwise, the selectivity, the adsorbing capacity, the thermal stability and the acid resistance are also better.
Shape Columnar strip Spheroid
Diameter/length mm 桅2.0-4.0 L2.0-10.0 桅3.0-5.0
Bulk density kg/L 鈮0.64 鈮0.64
Adsorption aperture nm 0.9 0.9
Static absorption value % 鈮27-30 鈮27-30
Strength N/cm 鈮98 鈮80

Typical Application The products can be widely used in petrochemical industry, fine chemistry and natural gas processes, absorbing water and CO2 of feed gas in air-separating equipment, shielding gas in the process of purified heat treatment, removing water and sulfur dioxide in natural gas and deeply dry the common gas in industry and substance separation. The NaY absorbent also has the ability to absorb the molecular which is less than critical diameter, like aromatic hydrocarbon and branched chain hydrocarbon.


Package : Carton box; Carton drum; Steel drum
MOQ: 1 Metric Ton
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Warranty: a) By National Standard GBT 10504-2008
b) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred

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Quantity 12MT 24MT < 5kg
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