Activated Molecular Sieve Powder

Activated Molecular Sieve Powder is dehydrated synthetic powder molecular sieve. With the character of high dispersibility and rapid adsorbability, it is used in some special adsorbability, it is used in some special adsorptive circumstances, such as being formless desiccant, being adsorbent mixed with other materials etc.
It can remove water eliminate bubbles, increase uniformity and strength when being additive or base in paint, resin and some adhesives. It can also be used as desiccant in insulating glass rubber spacer.

 Technical Parameter

Model Activated Molecular Sieve Powder
Color White
Nominal pore diameter 3 angstroms; 4 angstroms; 5 angstroms; 10 angstroms
Shape Powder
Type 3A  4A  5A  13X
Size (渭m) 2~4 2~4 2~4 2~4
Bulk density (g/ml) 0.43 0.43 0.43 0.33
Static water absorption (%) 22 23 26 28
PH value 7~9 9~11 9~11 9~11
Water content (%)  2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0
Sieve Residue (%) (325 mesh) 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0

Typical Application   2K-Polyurethane coatings and mouldings (link to the coating etc page)
  1K-Polyurethane storage protection (link to the coating etc page)
  Storage protection for metallic pigment paint (link to the coating etc pages)
  Polysulfide and silicone systems
  Carriers for chemicals for controlled release
  Processing aid for polymer production
  Desiccant for the production of polymer desiccant materials
  Cosmetics additive (link to the personal care page)
  Storage protection additives for highly hygroscopic goods
  Additives for flame retardants
  Shift of chemical reaction by removal of water as by product

Package : Carton box; Carton drum; Steel drum
MOQ: 1 Metric Ton
Payment Terms: T/T; L/C; PayPal; West Union
Warranty: a) Shelf time >3years
b) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred

Container 20GP 40GP Sample order
Quantity 9.6 MT 19.2 MT < 5kg
Delivery Time 3 days 5 days Stock available

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