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Refractory Ball


Refractory ball usually used in shift converter and reformer in ammonia plant. Refractory ball has a lot of advantages, such as:
      High strength, long use period
      Chemical stability, it won’t react with our materials
      Good performance of resistance high temperatue, resistance high temperatue up to 1900℃


Index Unit Data
Al2O3 %  65
Fe2O3 %  1.6
Pore Volume %  24
Compressive strength kg/cm2  900
Refractoriness 1800
Bulk Density Kg/m3 1386
Specific Gravity Kg/m3 2350
Refractoriness oC under load of 2kg/cm2 1500
LOI %  0.1

   Specially used in the high-low temperature shift furance, converter, hydrogenation shift furance, desulfurize furance,etc
       Used in the hot wind furance and heat up shift appliance in steel plant.
    Plastic bag, each bag 25kg net.


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